Within the company we are proud to have the ability to offer a Service in Counter Terrorist Advice, Training and Integrated Security.

We understand that NaCTSO through Goverment funding provide a free service to certain Companies.They also provide a tool called VSAT which enables one to assess their vulnerabity to attack.

  • However, at LA we know that Companies may require independent assessments, or for, various reasons, the above criteria does not suit the individuals requirement.

  • Protective security surveys specific to counter terrorism, by government trained staff.

  • Operational requirement surveys in line with NaCTSO recommendations. These enable you to introduce an integrated Security regime that is functional, fit for purpose and can act as a contract to the Service provider. This also makes significant financial savings year on year.

Counter Terrorism Training - Again this is intended to be bespoke meeting the individual needs.

  • Integrated Security approach for Counter Terrorism (Security must have an integrated approach in order to be effective, Intruders find the weakest point. We can provide a fully integrated security service.

  • Asset/Brand protection

  • Perimeter security (Including good security housekeeping)

  • Access control

  • Guard force

  • Personal Intrusion devices (alarms) PIR, microwave, accuostic etc

  • CCTV

  • Lighting

  • Intelligence Handling

  • Quality Assure current Security and assess Vulnerability.

  • Risk Assessments