Investigation Services

Our skilled staff consisting of ex criminal investigation department, fraud squad, intelligence agencies, counter terrorist personnel from military and police as well as the private sector provides exceptional capabilities for our clients in all areas of investigative services. LA Security deploys state of the art technology and a team-based approach to dealing with client issues.

Our services include

  • Investigations

  • All forms of Intelligence gathering and investigation

  • Staff discipline/witness interviews.

  • Investigative Interviews - legal, criminal or civil, private proceedings, claimant.

  • Statement /account taking legal or resume of events.

  • Case preparation through to final disposal

  • Internal investigations

  • Quality assurance investigation

  • Document/process serving

  • Financial/fraud investigations

All investigations will be proportionate, discrete if required and conducted in an expedient manner, complying with any relevant legislation.

Your organisation will have the ability to have an impartial investigation with the benefit of direct reporting, enabling you to control the final product.


  • All forms of legal Surveillance.

  • Observation points, foot surveillance for Investigative/ intelligence gathering

  • Theft/sabotage of assets

  • Damage to assets

  • Claimant insurance/benefit

  • Domestic

  • Brand protection

  • Security quality assurance - test practice and procedures by controlled infiltration.